A Christmas Comedown

30 songs, 1 hr 20 min, 3 min reading time.

In timely Christmas spirit, The Song Sommelier has let us share their most recent post!

The absolute timeless classics. Should be played every single year. Chill…

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These are the greats, who do Christmas songs with golden tonsils. The sultry, seductive, velvet-voiced crooners. Why on earth we pass these up for Slade, The Pogues and such year after year after year, is lost on me. I have heard Andy Williams’s “Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” (1963, Sony Music Entertainment) just once on the radio (surely this is the quintessential version of that particular number), but who wouldn’t play Julie London’s sublime “I’d Like You For Christmas?” (2010, Capitol Records). Play it to your loved one while you’re exchanging presents and spice up your Christmas (“New Years and Easter too!”).

Who wouldn’t want to hear Dinah Shore’s ebullient “You Meet The Nicest People (At Christmas)” (2016, Jump), or Alma Cogan’s exquisite “Christmas Cards?” (1998, Parlophone Records). Or June Christy’s dexterous “The Merriest?” (1961, Capitol Records). What about Dean Martin slurring his way through “Silver Bells?” (1966, The Dean Martin Family Trust). And who could resist the very idea of being invited by Eartha Kitt to ‘trim my tree’ on this particular version of “Santa Baby?” (2002, BMG Entertainment). (What is it with all this tree trimming by the way, did I miss something?).

And as if they are not great enough this time of year, there are Christmas crooners, but only one Frank Sinatra (1957, Capitol Records). We should hear them, each and every one, every single year.

But then again, simply hearing these tunes doesn’t do them justice, really. So forget the background xmas muzak – leave that to the usual fare. Instead, reserve yourself an hour. If you’re a super-busy type, you could even do some mindful present wrapping. Otherwise, fix yourself a drink and be prepared to put your feet up. After all, it is Christmas, and you’ll be with the ones you love soon enough. So, just enjoy. As Judy Garland says:

“until then, we’ll have to muddle through somehow… so have yourself a merry little Christmas, now”.