Tell the stories behind your favourite music

RunPip is a community for contributors to share personally curated, high quality playlists and the reasons behind their song choices. Discover music or find new love for an old favourite thanks to a personal commentary by the author, or upload your own playlist and tell your stories. Each track in your post will be tagged by artist and label so it is easy to find other playlists with matching tastes. After submission an author page will be created where you can see all your submitted posts to date.


  • Playlists must be short (5-20 songs)
  • Playlists must have accompanying notes on song choices

Latest Posts

Playlist Ideas

  1. Monthly discoveries
  2. End of year top 10 discoveries
  3. Black Lives Matter
  4. Pride in Music – music that promotes inclusivity and gives those from the LGBTQ+ community a platform to celebrate music that inspires them
  5. Environment – music that promotes action on climate change and what we should be doing to help
  6. Human Rights – music that highlights human rights issues, bringing the injustices to a wider audience
  7. Time Capsule – get your old iPod / MP3 player and find your favourite tracks from it and describe why they are / were your favourite
  8. Seasonal / News based
  9. Music for Dementia – more on this here:
  10. Favourite movie / TV soundtracks and why

We hope you enjoy the RunPip concept and get involved!

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